Are you a Fifty+Fab fan? Do you have a great story to share with our readers? Would you like to get your product in front of our subscribers? Work with us!

Here are some ways that you can work with us at Fifty Plus Fab.

Become a Fifty Plus Fab Regular Contributor

If you’re an industry expert who wants to reach an audience of smart and fabulous women on an ongoing basis, consider joining our team as a regular contributor. We ask that you commit to sending an article once per month on the expert content of your choice. Because you’re a subject matter expert, we expect these posts to be more in-depth, insider tips that will add value to our blog.

Product Reviews

We love to do product reviews! Be warned. We share honest opinions. Therefore, only share the best of the best with us! Please allow us the opportunity to approve your product before you ship it to us.

Advertising Space

Rent a sidebar space ad for a month. We charge you monthly with no advertising contract. We want you to get results.

One-Time Free Guest Posting Opportunity

You can take advantage of a free guest posting opportunity. We require that your submission adheres to the following quality standards:

  • Be 100% unique and pass Copyscape (we will check it!)
  • Contain relevant content that our readers will love. We don’t accept gambling or porn backlinks. And we don’t need Viagra!
  • Have a word count of 600 words or higher.
  • No spammy links or backlinks to sales pages. We accept backlinks to related articles, supporting documentation, or that cite an industry authority as a reference.
  • You get to insert one do-follow backlink in the author bio only. If you try to sneak in sales backlinks into the body of the article, your content will be rejected.
  • We write in American English and will make edits to make your article work with our existing content.
  • Fifty Plus Fab reserves to refuse any content, for any reason, at any time.
  • Backlinks must be natural and make sense!
  • Our editors retain final editorial priveleges and will make edits as needed.
  • You must share the published submission on Facebook and tag us in your post within 48 hours of publication.

Sponsored Guest Post Opportunities

Fifty Plus Fab accepts sponsored guest posts for $10.

Your content must still meet our writing standards as set forth in the free guest post section. However, you will receive two do-follow backlinks–one in the body and one in the author bio.

In addition to sponsored guest posts, you may purchase a link (lifetime) in an existing post. Please let us know what your needs are and we can help you find a suitable article. The cost is the same as a sponsored post, but you save time on content creation.

Payment for these services must be paid via PayPal in advance in order for you to work with us.

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