Top 5 Benefits of Walking for Exercise for Women Over 50

If you’re like me, you may keep pushing away your walking exercise goals for one reason or another. You blame the time, the day, the cost or basically everything. What if I told you that walking for exercise is a powerful, inexpensive exercise that you can start on right away? That would be great, right? Well, here are the 5 top benefits of walking that should energize you to get out your comfortable pair of walking shoes and do just that–take a brisk walk!

When we turn 50, many of us begin to develop small aches, pains, and inflammation. Exercise is still a must, no excuses! The trick is to find the right intensity of exercise. For many of us in the fifty plus fab age group, that is long brisk walks…daily!

Benefits of Walking Exercise

walking for exercise
A brisk walk with your best friend will keep you physically fit and mentally well.

A Younger You

Who doesn’t like meeting with someone they last saw some time back and they exclaim, “You look much younger than when I last saw you!” Walking every day for about 30 minutes helps to tone your muscles. It also helps in improving your posture. This makes you look and feel younger. The next time you want to put of your walking exercise, just visualize the years literally rolling off your face and body!

You’ll look younger and feel better with regular exercise.

Improves Blood Circulation

Walking helps improve blood circulation throughout your body, from the head to the toe. Proper circulation of blood ensures good functioning of all body parts. One of the causes of hurting feet may be due to inadequate blood flow, mainly due to physical inactivity. Improved blood circulation will reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and peripheral artery disease which is caused by poor circulation of blood to the legs.

Combined with a healthy diet, walking will improve your blood circulation and fight heart disease.

Melts the Weight Away

A sedentary lifestyle is the number one cause of obesity. Walking when undertaken as exercise and consistently helps in weight loss because it assists in burning calories. The weight loss is particularly around the mid sections because it helps in the proper use of insulin and aids in digestion. If you are feeling all-bloated up after that heavy dinner, instead of giving in to temptation and lying down on that couch, take a walk around the block. Your stomach will thank you for it! As for your weight, you won’t have to hide your favorite pair of jeans again.

walking for exercise
Keep the weight at bay by including a walk in your daily routine.

Increases Creativity

You have an issue you need to mull over, and your mind seems bogged down? No worry, take that walk. During a walk, your brain calms down and is not threatened by pressure, fear or feelings of hopelessness. The coordination needed between your body and mind enables your brain to focus on an issue and to think it over. This will help you to put issues in perspective. You will also be able to come up with creative ways to address whatever was weighing you down.

Of course, you’ll feel better when you’re fit. This stimulates creativity so you can keep on doing all the things you love!

Improves Your Mood

There are days when your mood swings take their toll on you. These are the days when people want to avoid you like the plague. You may even start avoiding yourself if it were possible!  Regular walking for exercise has been known to help in improving moods. This is achieved through increased blood circulation to the brain which boosts endorphins; those hormones which make you feel good. To take advantage of this, ensure you take up walking as a regular exercise.

Increase your happiness and feel more confident!


There are so many benefits to walking for exercise. These three are the top 5 benefits that should motivate enough to spur you into starting a regular walking routine.  One thing I have learned in life is that tomorrow never comes. Come on, get up right now, and try this out yourself. Be disciplined enough and set aside a time daily for that walk. To stay motivated you can invite a friend along or form a support group. Incorporate walking exercise into your life daily. Walk to work or while doing some errands.


Meet the Author:  Caroline Kahingo is a teacher who loves mentoring children in Kenya. Now that her three daughters are grown, she is realizing her dream of completing her two Master’s Degrees. She enjoys blogging in her spare time and aspires to travel the world one day.

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