3 Tips to Save Big Bucks on Your Next Cruise Vacation

Are you wondering if you can save big bucks on your next cruise vacation and still have loads of pure, unadulterated fun? If so, the answer is yes!

This article discusses three simple tips for discount cruises tips that most first time cruisers might not know. There are various discount rates that cruise lines or cruise travel agencies offer; being aware of such discount rates and offers might help save a ton of cash.

Here are three easy ways you can conserve money on your next cruising vacation.

cruise vacation
Enjoy a slice of paradise with a cruise vacation.

Cruise Travel Agencies Can Help You Save Money

Cruise travel agents sometimes reduce the cost of your fare by lessening their commissions. Here’s how it works cruise travel agencies receive a commission from the cruise line for every passenger they book. To gain their fair share of bookings, some cruise travel agencies pass on a portion of their commissions to their clients. However, this might not happen every time–particularly if the cruise lines want to avoid a price war and ask the cruise agencies not to do so.

In almost every case, booking through a cruise travel agency could be a beneficial thing because, in addition to a possible discount that you might be getting on your cruise ticket, cruise agencies might also be able to assist you in choosing a cruise ship that’s right for you. This knowledge stems from their experience in the industry. They know about the amenities aboard each of the vessels and have insight into both the onboard activities and onshore excursions.

cruise vacation
A booking agent can help you explore the best cruises.

Booking Your Cruise Tickets Early Might Save You Money

A couple of years ago, it was always true that last minute buyers would most possibly end up with the most significant discounts. However, this might not always be true anymore. Booking early (about 3 to 4 months ahead of time) is usually considered to aid you in obtaining prime deals.

But even this might not be an ironclad rule, as many additional large cruise ships are launching each year. And with increasing capacity, there’s a greater possibility of unsold inventory at the last minute on many of these cruise ships. And these tickets might be discounted tickets. But even when such last-minute unsold inventory exists, not everybody can take a break from work and travel on such very short notice.

2 For 1 Cruise Deals

Here’s another tip that may save you quite a bit of cash

Some cruise lines offer 2 for 1 cruise deals on select cruises. This offer allows you and a friend to cruise together but only pay one fare, splitting the cost! But, here’s a pitfall people don’t realize until it’s time to book. It is possible that airfare might not be included in the 2 for 1 package. Ask your cruise booking agent to clarify this before you commit.

Start Saving on Your Cruise Vacation

Make sure you get the biggest bang out of your cruise buck! Make a list of questions and concerns to inquire about before booking your cruise vacation. Be clear on all travel costs and fees up front, and don’t be pressured by the agent to book until you’re confident that you’re selecting the best cruise for you.

What does your dream cruise look like? We’d love to hear!

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