Pantry Raid! Common Items that Double as Beauty Secrets

Pantry raid! Have you ever thought that the same items you use to prepare your meals could also do wonders when it comes to solving that seemingly persistent beauty problem bothering you? Well, it’s absolutely true—and here are just a few of such seemingly overlooked pantry items that double as beauty secrets.

Pantry Raid Beauty Products

Baking Soda as a Tooth Whitener

Though commonly used for baking purposes (which is due to its leavening properties), sodium bicarbonate, popularly referred to as baking soda, also plays a vital role when it comes to teeth whitening.

Simply make some paste by mixing it with water. Then, brush for two minutes while ensuring that your teeth are coated with the paste. If possible, avoid mixing the baking soda with acidic components like lemon juice or vinegar since this can cause gum irritation.

Only use it once a week as it can damage your enamel and even increase your risk of suffering cavities if you overuse it. Also, note that baking soda doesn’t kill bacteria. Therefore, always observe the regular brushing of your teeth and consider scheduling your normal dental visits.

Avocado as a Face Mask

Turns out that avocado is not only heart-healthy, it’s skin-healthy, too! Avocado is rich in both minerals and vitamins which work together to keep your skin healthy and glowing. The fruit works perfectly well for the betterment of your skin whether consumed or just applied externally.

It only takes 15 minutes to make your avocado facial mask. You can start by using the seemingly gone-bad avocadoes in your kitchen to make a perfect facial mask instead of trashing them.

You can mix the avocado with honey, oatmeal, or just use the pure avocado (without mixing with any other product). Avocado is generally an affordable and a more natural way to achieve that radiant and wrinkle-free skin than commercial masks.

pantry raid
What can avocado do for your skin?

Oatmeal to Calm Red Skin

Your body, and especially your face, can sometimes become too sensitive to the outdoor allergens, the sun, or even the wind. This can leave you battling with red skin. In addition, acne breakouts can as well lead to this skin condition.

You don’t have to hate your skin. Instead, focus on bringing it back to life by simply using a calming oatmeal mask. It works perfectly well to get you out of the red.

Oats are rich in vitamin B, zinc, selenium, and polysaccharides—which all work harmoniously to soothe the redness while also keeping your skin calm and fresh. Colloidal oatmeal basically works to strengthen your skin’s UV defense, and ease inflammation. This means fewer worries when outdoors.

Also, taking an oatmeal bath can greatly help to soothe skin redness especially for those suffering from conditions such as Eczema.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar to Make Your Hair Shine

Most people are into the apple cider vinegar thing for varied reasons—with some taking it for more appealing weight loss results, while others take it to improve digestion.

Nevertheless, this product has proved effective even on hair issues, since it can be used to treat dandruff as well as giving you super-shiny hair. Apple cider vinegar has high levels of acetic acid helps to restore the acidity level of your hair and scalp and thus enhancing the shine. Simply rinse your hair regularly with apple cider vinegar for impressive and shiny hair.

Olive Oil for a Cuticle Treatment

From the cracks to the peels, and to the dryness, your cuticles can sometimes suffer the cruelty posed by such conditions that can cause you pain, ruin your manicure, and to the extreme exposing your nails to infections. This is especially true when the cuticles become dry and lift up, thus exposing your nails.

Olive oil is one of the best remedies when it comes to ensuring healthy and glowing nails, and of course cuticles. It works by penetrating your nails as well as the skin. Therefore, repairing and softening any damaged cuticles is easily achieved with this pantry raid treatment.

Simply apply it daily for strong and healthy nails and cuticles.

pantry raid
Find out what olive oil can do to strengthen your cuticles and fingernails.


Never underrate the power of eating a healthy diet. But why? Your external skin will also tell of their benefits. So head to the kitchen for a pantry raid for your next beauty treatments.

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Pantry Raid
Pantry Raid! Find out what common kitchen items make effective beauty treatments.

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