Home Staging Your Exterior aka Increasing Curb Appeal

Believe it or not, the first thing a potential buyer looks at in a house is the outside. If they don’t like the curb appeal of a property, more than likely they aren’t going to consider for even one second looking on the inside or buying the home.

In fact, most buyers can’t or won’t visualize changes, so it’s up to the home’s owner to make these changes.

Furthermore, if a prospective home buyer does want to make changes, then they sometimes want you to lower the price of the home to compensate for the changes made to the home. Today, buyer’s expect a new house to be move-in-ready. An enormous number of home buyers will reject anything less.

Fortunately, there are several things property owners may do to add curb appeal to the home.

exterior design
As you see here, fresh mulch sets off your landscape plantings to perfection.

The Honey Do List for Adding Curb Appeal

  • Install a brand new front door, something with an attractive glass inset that allows light to flood in during the day.
  • Put a fresh paint coat on the home.
  • In case the garage faces the road, replace the old door, or apply a fresh paint coat to it.
  • Add low voltage down the driveway and sidewalks to show off the property to those who drive by in the evening.
  • Install an attractive porch light
  • Strategically place exterior lighting in flower beds and under windows to show off the home’s best features.
  • A groomed lawn is significant to curb appeal. Potential buyers won’t want a home with an unattended garden. So keep yours in pristine condition at all times once you’ve listed the house.
  • Another note about the yard. The lawns should be well attended without the brown or bare spots.
  • In the yard, rake up and remove fallen leaves–they cause a slip hazard for home buyers who will walk the yard. Plus, they look ugly.
  • Repair any damage pets may have caused in the yard, particularly if they love to dig holes.
  • Plant flowers in the flower beds, and be sure to plant some with colorful blooms.
  • Make sure all fallen limbs are cleaned up.
  • Every time you use them, be sure to put all water hoses, toys and lawn furniture away.
  • It’s also essential to keep hedges shaped neatly.
  • Do not let limbs hang too low to the ground or scratch on the roof of the home. There are other essential things to look at when adding curb appeal to your home.
  • Ensure that the driveway doesn’t have cracks or oil stains.
  • Pressure wash your siding, driveway, and sidewalks, so they look brand spanking new.
  • Driveways should be clutter free. This point means you should have no toys, bicycles, or excessive cars parked there!
  • Holes or dips in the driveway should be repaired. Another way to add curb appeal and value to your home is to add concrete landscape curbing. Fundamentally, all you are doing is adding some concrete edges along your curb or around the flowerbeds to define the space.
  • Decorate for the season, add wreaths, pumpkins, garden flags or decor for whatever the season is, and spice it up.
  • Mulch the flower beds to make plants and flowers pop.

The Bottom Line

curb appeal
A landscaped garden adds charm and wows visitors.

Don’t underestimate the value of curb appeal. While many homeowners gladly spend the time and budget staging the home on the interior, it might be even more important to home stage your exterior!

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