Craft Your Own DIY Hanging Planter With These Simple Steps

Adding a hanging planter to your room is a seamless way to brighten up your room with life and energy. They’re easy to create, but you’ll want to consider where you want them to be and which complementing colors you’ll use.

Gathering your materials will be simple too. For plants, you can check out your local nursery to consult an expert for the right plants to use.

You can also gather plenty of design materials at a crafts store. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Unfinished wooden frame
  • Jute twine
  • Potted plant
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
hanging planter supplies
Gather your supplies and let’s go!

The Hanging Planter Frame

You’ll first start off by designing your unfinished wooden frame. A good size to select is a 6×6 frame, but feel free to select any other size.

Depending on the location you chose for your plant, as well as the light it’ll receive, you’ll want to paint your frame with a complementing color. A good rule of thumb is to select a neutral color if your room is bright, or a vivid color if your room is mostly neutral. Set aside to dry for at least two hours.

hanging basket
Purchase an unfinished frame at your craft store.

hanging basket
Use a craft brush to paint the wooden frame your favorite color.

Loop Your Twine

Next, it’s time to decide how low you want your plant to hang—cut the twine accordingly. Loop the twine around the corner of your frame and secure it by pulling tightly. Continue to do this for all four sides of the frame. If you want, feel free to use a colored rope to enhance the style of your frame.

plant hanger
Secure the corners of the hanging planter with simple knots.
hanging planter
Repeat the process on each corner.

Add It Into the Pot

Once you’re comfortable with how heavy the pot is and how the leaves hang, you can insert your pot into the wooden frame. It’s also fine to insert the pot after you hang the frame. Hold the strings of all four sides and make a knot at the top.

potted plant
Gently place the potted plant into the hanger.

hanging planter
A simple and sophisticated finished look allows you to add greenery to any room.

There’s your first hanging planter! To add more vibrancy and dimension, include as many hanging plants in your room as you like.

Congratulations on Making a Hanging Planter

See how simple that was? Just a few tools and an eye for design. Get detailed instructions for this adorable DIY hanging planter project from Shutterfly. It makes for a beautiful piece of decor for any small living room or blank wall. Now it’s your turn to craft your own DIY hanging plant!

Need ideas on which plants to choose? Succulents are easy to grow and require little else than a warm and sunny spot. Check out our guide to succulent plants for inspo.

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