Going Blonde to Help Hide Gray Hair

Gray hair is not my thing. I see millennial girls deliberately dying their hair silver and gray and want to shake them. Don’t they know that one day they’ll be like me? Fifty and wanting lustrous, young hair back?

Well, millennial silliness aside, some women are stunning with gray hair. I am not fortunate enough to be one of them. The grays that peep through my hair color look dull next to my skin tone and make me look way older than about to turn 50.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen my natural hair color that I really couldn’t tell you exactly what it used to be. It was a dark blonde/light brown with a little bit of red tone. Mousy and boring. I started bleaching it when I was in my teens.

In my 30s I went to hot shades of coppery red…which I loved. However, as the gray continued to advance its assault on me, it stood out in sharp contrast to the copper color and became more obvious by the month.

Last year, just after my 49th birthday, I was advised by my hair stylist to give blonde another chance.

red pixie cut
Copper red asymmetrical pixie cut. Loved the cut, but the color was prone to fading out to expose the gray hair.

Why it Makes Sense to Go Blonde to Hide the Gray:

Just as makeup is about tricking the eye to enhance your best features and minimize your least favorite, going blonde to cover your gray is all about sleight of hand.

Gray hairs are actually the lack of pigmentation in your hair shafts. In other words, gray hair is the lack of color. This can result from a number of factors from an illness to a stressful lifestyle to aging.

In addition, the texture of gray hairs is usually different. It is coarse or even wiry, meaning that it’s less likely to accept hair color. Even if it does cover with color, it washes out quickly.

Dark colors have a sharp contrast to those pesky grays. On the other hand, blonde is close in color to gray. This means that it’s harder to distinguish between gray and blonde.

Choosing a Blonde Hair Color

When you choose a blonde hair color, there are a number of considerations.

  • Natural hair color
  • Skin tone
  • How bold you want to go

If you have extremely dark hair or a very piecey, textured hairstyle, heavy blonde or caramel highlights will often look the most natural and stunning on you.

These blonde photos have NO FILTERS, this is how they looked on me.

hide gray hair
Dark blonde hair with highlights to hide gray hair.

But, if you have fair skin and lighter hair, you might want to select an all-over blonde color or even bleach it all for added drama.

going blonde
All-over light blonde hair to hide the gray hair patches around my face.

Your skin tone will also play a role in helping you determine the right shade of blonde. Everyone has a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. Personally, I am fortunate enough to be a neutral skin tone and can wear either warm or cool hair colors.

Work with your stylist to determine what’s best for you. If you plan to color at home (which is what I have always done and will continue to do), the hair color companies have a toll-free line for advice.

Blonde Hair Care

When you’ve gone blonde, your hair does require a little bit of TLC. Make sure to use a shampoo especially for color treated hair that’s free of sulfates. You will also need to condition regularly, perhaps even daily depending on your hair’s health.

Boost the shine with an Argan Oil leave in spray to get a really healthy and shiny looking head of hair.

You Go, Blonde Girl!

Let me finish by saying that I am not a hair stylist. I am a former professional makeup artist, so I understand color and skin tone. I have colored my hair at home for 35 years. Yikes!

And yes, I’ve had some color mishaps. In fact, 15 years ago I attended my aunt’s funeral with a very unfortunate orange. I strongly urge you to seek professional advice from a hairstylist who can offer you guidance on the color choice before you take the plunge into the blonde pool.

If you love these hair colors, please save them to Pinterest. You’ll be able to show them to while also helping my blog. Thank you!

going blonde
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