Why I Started this Blog

When some women have a mid-life crisis, they buy a ridiculously expensive new car or have a fling with a boy toy. Me? Nah. I’m far less adventurous than that. At 47, I decided to pursue my dream of writing by starting my first blog, DIY Home & Garden. It did (and is still doing) well and is a great outlet for me. I had earned a college degree in English (which I never used) almost 30 years ago. So, why not write a blog?

Last year, shortly after I turned 49, I came home one day and found an AARP card and free tote bag in my mailbox. I was like…What? AARP? Noooooo!

Reality set in. I was about to turn 50. A long look in the mirror showed me some angry looking vertical looking wrinkles between my brows and a few fine lines around my lips.

My next thought? Screw it. I’m 50. I earned these wrinkles, and I’m going to keep on being the same as I always was. I’m a little older, a little wiser, and a lot more fabulous than I was at 40.

The end result? This blog. Fifty Plus Fab is all about being 50 and loving life without worry about my age.