Weight loss is a topic near and dear to my heart. As a Gen X woman, I have struggled with weight gain followed by a period of following the latest diet tips for the past 25 years.

I have to end the insane cycle of losing and gaining weight–it’s up to me entirely.

It turns out–it’s a hot button issue for many of us Fifty Plus Fab women. We know we need to get slimmer to keep our blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar numbers back under control–or face the next 30 to 40 years on medications.

My cycle of weight loss and gain

diet tips
I have a wardrobe of four different size ranges. How about you?

For me, shit got real six years ago. At the age of 44, I suffered a TIA, better known as a mini-stroke or a pin stroke. It was a wake-up call–for a time.

During my recovery from the health crisis, I dropped about 20 pounds and kept it off–for a time.

Life got stressful, my husband took a job transfer back home to North Carolina, and I began eating my feelings again.

This time, I’m looking at weight loss with a new attitude. It’s no longer a race to see how fast I can drop weight. Instead, it’s a shift in my overall habits–better food choices, daily (well, more or less) three-mile walks, drinking plenty of water, and treating myself to some rest.

I began a second go-round with WW (the revamped program that was formerly Weight Watchers.) But, this isn’t my first time.

Let’s just say I’ve tried Atkins, Pritkins, South Beach, low-fat, low-carb, no-carb, and Weight Watchers previous online program.

Hitting the reset button

This time around, I have committed wholly to the WW lifestyle–attending the weekly meetings, counting my points on the awesome app, and being mindful of avoiding triggers that cause me to overeat (which is pretty much everything).

I find the weekly meeting holding me accountable, as I need the lady to weigh me. Doing online WW only, I was a damn liar on weigh-in day. Each week, I either “forgot” to weigh in or adjusted the ounces for clothing weight.

I hit the restart button five weeks ago. And, on my fifth weigh-in this week, I was down a total of 15.6 pounds. Not too shabby. Learning not only diet tips but also following a weight loss program that teaches me how to feel better is making a difference.

weight loss diet tips
Weekly weigh-ins hold me accountable

Goals of this page

I understand your struggles with your weight. I’m not a dietician (although I’ve consulted with one before). And, I’m not a doctor–thank goodness, because my doc is super-annoying with nagging me about my weight.

I’m a Fifty Plus Fab woman with a weight control problem.

My goal is to bring you sensible weight loss and realistic diet tips. I will be developing blog posts, reviews of diet plans, healthy recipes, and motivational posts that will help you stay on track.

Take the journey with me

There are two ways you can help me on my weight loss journey. First, you can use my WW affiliate link to join them in your local community or online (or both). Click here, and you’ll get a free month of WW, and I’ll earn a free month, also!

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