A Clutter Free Home in 21 Days (an infographic guide)

Clutter free home? No, this isn’t a joke. Indeed, it really is possible.

Have you ever heard the riddle “How do you eat an elephant?” Of course, the response is, “One bite at a time.” It’s really not so different when it comes to organizing your entire home. Because this organizing system breaks the tasks down into small daily “bites,” you will find success.

In fact, that’s why this system is genius in concept! It’s easy to execute. All that you need is a commitment to tackling one series of tasks each day. In just three short weeks, voila! Your entire home is made over from mayhem to manicured.

Moreover, this system even forces you to look at areas that you might not have thought about such as the interior of your car of the bookcases filled with books you never got around to reading. Simply following this program will help you identify your weak spots.

A clean and organized home is a beautiful thing. Organized people are more productive. In fact, they report the ability to think clearly when they are clean of clutter. They waste less time looking for the crap the have misplaced. And, they seem to appreciate all the things they have…maybe because they can find them!

Even if you are very organized, it’s a great way to give yourself a check-up, which we all need from time to time.

This infographic came to me courtesy of a company called HappyCleans. They are home organizing and cleaning experts. Naturally, they have the experience and the know-how to put together such a well-played infographic.

Are you ready to take the HappyCleans 21 Day Decluttering Challenge?

Here is my question and/or challenge to you. Commit to make small changes. Just one day at a time, you will accomplish a little bit towards a more organized life.  Are you ready to take the 21 Day Decluttering Challenge?  Comment to let me know how your new clutter free life is working out for you!

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