Candle Making 101: Make a Stunning Mother’s Day Candle Gift Set

Looking to make something unique for Mother’s Day? Want to create something from the heart and have a great time making? Well, the candle making experts at Cosy Owl have put together a brilliant guide on how to make your own bespoke Mother’s Day candle set that any mother is sure to love!

Whether you want to treat yourself, Mom, or even your daughter who is a new mom to a gift from the heart, this candle tutorial is perfect for you.

The guide includes everything you need to make the gift set and the step-by-step candle making process means that you can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

Candle Making Ingredients

Step-by-step: How to Make Candles

Step 1: Making the melts

Get started by pouring 50g of Pillar wax into your melt pot (our Bain Marie is perfect for this). Make sure not to allow the temperature of the wax to exceed 70-75°C! When the wax has melted, add either a very small amount of the Pink or the Light Rose Pink Dye and then gently stir until the dye seems to have become evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

candle making
Ready to learn how to make candles? Gather your supplies, let’s get the party started.

Step 2: Fragrance and cooling

If you are adding a scent to your candles then now is the time to add the fragrance oil. Add around 5ml of your selected fragrance oil below the flash point temperature for that scent. After this, allow the wax to cool to around 55-60°C then transfer it into your pourer and slowly pour the wax into the moulds. This should only be around a third to a half of the way up the mold.

candle making
Experimenting with fragrance is half the fun! Once you’ve got the candle making basics down pat, you’ll even get brave enough to begin custom-blending your own fragrances.

Step 3: Make the rest!

Repeat the above steps for your second colour on the heart melts, though make sure the first layer has cooled before pouring the second one. Leave these to cool to one side as you will need them later.

how to make candles
This process is therapeutic yet productive–perfect for a multi-tasker like you!

Step 4: Melting the wax for your candles

Take the container wax and place it into the burner.  Melt the wax to approximately 70°C and, while it is melting, continue to the next step…

candle making
Exercise caution while working with melted candle wax.

Step 5: Preparing your container

Now to prepare the container and get them candles ready! Take the glue dots and use them to hold down the sustainer into the glass in a central location. Now use the Wick Holder to keep this in place while you pour the wax in and allow the candle to set.

how to make candles
You’re on a candle making roll now, girl!

Step 6: Return to the wax 

When the wax has melted, and the temperature has cooled, add around 30ml of the fragrance oil to the wax (keeping in mind the fragrance oil flash point). Then, stirring gently, get ready to transfer 2/3 of the molten wax into your pourer. Evenly pour this wax into your prepared containers 2/3 of the way up and leave the wax to cool.

candle making
The wick holder keeps your wicks standing straight and tall as the candle sets. Pretty cool–always wondered about that. You?

Step 7: Back to the hearts 

While the wax in the above step is cooling, return to the hearts and remove them from their mold. Set these to one side while the wax is hardening and keep the remaining wax heated at a consistent temperature (approximately 60°C). Then make sure you have all the items for making your reed diffuser at the ready.

candle making
The little wax hearts are so precious. I can’t even…

Step 8: The Diffuser 

Pour the 50ml of Diffusol Oil into the Penny Diffuser Bottle. Follow up with this by adding 30-40ml of your chosen Fragrance Oil and then screw the cap on top of the bottle and add the reeds. After this your diffuser is pretty much done!

Step 9: Finishing touches 

When the candles have cooled, place the heart melts on top of the candle in your chosen layout (we chose two melts per candle). When you’re happy how you placed the heart melts, pour the remaining wax into the candles, making sure it doesn’t go over the top of the melts.  Submerge the base of the hearts into the melted wax and leave the top layer of the melts visible above the wax.

how to make candles
You’ve done it — learned how to make candles and now have some lovely things to give as Mother’s Day gifts.

Mastery of the Candle Making Basics!

Congratulations, you’ve mastered the basic steps of making candles at home!

With this done, leave the candles to cool for a minimum of 24 hours before doing anything else with them.

After this, your candles will be ready for packaging and gifting! If you want to add an extra little touch to your gift set, why not have a go at making our 3-Wick Mother’s Day Candle with it’s own easy to follow guide.

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