Avoid the 5 Mascara Mistakes Women Over 50 Make

Avoid the mascara mistakes women over 50 make. You’ll be on your way to younger looking eyes. Undoubtedly, mascara is like a magic potion. You can transform your face with just a few flicks. With those few strokes of that magic wand, you go from tired to sassy looking. When used correctly, mascara is magic. But, when used wrong…well. You’ve seen it!

mascara mistakes
Avoid mascara mistakes!


1-Pumping the brush

One huge mistake that women (of all ages, truth be told) make is pumping the mascara brush in and out of the tube to pick up the product. This can push bacteria from the rim of the tube inside to the product. This bacteria can transfer from the product to your lashes and eyes and leave you with pinkeye or other infections.

In addition to the hygiene issue, this method of grabbing mascara picks up too much product. This makes the mascara go onto the lashes clumpy looking. This can be aging looking to women of all ages!

2-Forgetting to prep the eye area

mascara mistakes
Brighten and conceal dark circles before applying mascara.

I get that many women are busy, and mascara is their go-to makeup. However, before applying mascara, give your under-eye area a gentle little pat of under eye concealer to hide dark circles. Choose a formula that’s designed for the fifty plus fab lady and not millennials…you don’t want it in those little lines! After concealing, gently dust the concealer to set it. This ensures that the mascara doesn’t transfer onto the slightly wet concealer.  Now, my lady, you are ready for your mascara and that wide-awake look that you crave.

3-Choosing the wrong formula

Do your lashes look clumped together thickly after applying mascara? Does your eye look like it’s being attacked by a spider? In either case, you have chosen the wrong formula of mascara!

When you have thick lashes, don’t choose a formula that makes them even thicker. Giving the lashes too much of a diameter will cause them to stick together. This is why you get the clumped-up look. On the other hand, those of you who are blessed with super-long lashes don’t need a lengthening formula, or you might end up with cartoonishly long lashes.

If you’re not sure what formula to use, stop by a department store makeup counter for advice. They will let you try before you buy!

4-Applying lashes to the top lashes first

mascara mistakesMost women naturally want to apply mascara to the top lashes first, then they move to the bottom lashes. This is a mistake. In fact, you should start with the bottom lashes first! Here’s why.

When you apply your mascara to the bottom lashes, you need to look down at them while working the applicator. If you’ve applied the top mascara first, this can cause bloops as you are blinking while looking down to the lower lashes.

5-Applying too many coats of mascara

Two coats max. That’s the rule. Extra coats of mascara over two coats can cause a nasty and aging raccoon eye look. In addition, extra coats can flake off leaving your blinking and causing your eyes to tear up and blur your mascara.

If you need more dramatic lashes, consider point #3 and change up your mascara formula. Or, turn to eyelash extensions or falsies.

mascara mistakes
Consider falsies for added drama.

Lash On, Girls!

Use these points to give yourself the lashes of your dreams. Well-applied mascara will keep your eyes looking brighter and younger for longer, accentuate your eye color, and keep you looking fifty plus fab!



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