10 Foods to Avoid That Cause Yellow Teeth

You switch on your tv in the evening after a tough day at work. A talk show comes on about some issue that you don’t really catch. However, what you can’t fail to notice is that the host and all guests flash these beautiful smiles. Oh, those pearly whites!  What wouldn’t you give to have these instead of yellow teeth?  Here are 10 foods that you can avoid, helping you keep those teeth pearly white.

As we enter our fifties, we start to pay closer attention to things that we used to ignore. With the passing of years, the enamel of your teeth becomes dull, stained, and yellow looking. You can have your teeth professionally whitened, but without careful attention to what you eat, they will only stain again.

Top 10 Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth


Black coffee

Your daily drink of coffee can wreak havoc on your teeth.

Don’t you just love your morning coffee?  Well, this favorite beverage has a lot of tannins. These stain your teeth. Of course, heavy coffee drinkers experience more staining.

Black tea

You may have heard of the great health benefits of tea and lemon. Despite this, tea has a lot of tannins. When combined with lemon, it becomes highly acidic. This acid attacks the enamel, exposing the yellowish dentin below it.

Dark-colored fruit juices

Juices have natural colors that stain your teeth and sugars that cause plaque.

The refreshing taste of cool fruit juice on a hot day is unbeatable. Although the juices contain plenty of health benefits, the dark-colored fruit juices are deeply pigmented and have high sugar content. This sugar turns acidic in the mouth and attacks the enamel, too.

Soft drinks

Our fast lifestyles have made us prisoners of soda and sports drinks. These facilitate the weakening of the enamel due to the high sugar content. The brightly colored ones also do a lot of discoloring.


yellow teetch
Sharing a bottle of wine with friends is one of life’s great pleasures. What it does to your teeth? Not so much!

Wine makes the heart merry!  However, both the red and white wine are not so kind to your teeth. Did you know that white wine is more acidic and causes more discoloration than the red wine?

Slushies or Popsicles

Summer can never be complete without the beach and those cool slushies or popsicles. But the sugar and flavoring in these two popular treats cause a lot of yellowing of your teeth.

Tomato sauce & Ketchup

Avoid tomato-based products like ketchup and sauces when trying to avoid yellow teeth.

Can you imagine French fries without a big squirt of tangy ketchup? If ketchup (and tomato sauce) can stain your hands and clothes, it will do the same to your teeth.


yellow teeth
Berries contain powerful anti-oxidants. However, they stain your teeth!

All berries, including blueberries, blackberries, cranberries and cherries, are a rich source of antioxidants. At the same time, they are also deeply pigmented and stain everything that comes into contact with them.  These berries will, therefore, stain your teeth too.


Curry is a savory and delicious spice that is made from turmeric, a yellowish herb. You may want to be a bit careful on the amount of curry you use in your Indian dishes because it will stain your teeth.


Beets can be consumed in salads or as juice. Bright red beets are rich in antioxidants and great for your health.  At the same time, they are notorious for causing stains on everything; including your teeth due to their vibrant red hue.


It’s a nearly impossible task to eliminate all these foods from your diet.  There are simple ways to prevent these 10 foods from causing yellow teeth. One, always brush your teeth immediately after taking these foods. Two, swish your mouth with water when you are done eating them. Three, visit your dentist every 6 months for a thorough cleaning and to discuss ways to treat discoloration of the teeth.

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