We Work

Fifty Plus Fab women work. Whether our work involves career, volunteering, or running after grandbabies, we are a proud generation of working women.

When we reach 50, we begin transitioning to a new chapter of our lives. Some of us retire early or downshift to part-time jobs. On the other hand, some women take advantage of the fact that the kids are now adults to return to college and finally pursue the education or career that they sacrificed.

Whichever role you’re in, we know…we work hard to provide for our families and for ourselves.


Join Us!

We Play

Fifty Plus Fab women play as hard as we work.  From travel to fantastic destinations to enjoying cocktails with the girls, we love to unwind and try new things.

At 50, new doors open for us. We are established in our careers or entering retirement. Indeed, we are likely to have a little more financial freedom thanks to years of making good choices (or have learned the hard way!)

Play can involve our spouse or significant others; or, it might involve time spent with other Fifty Plus Fab women. You’ve earned the right to play however you wish!


I’m In!

We Love

Fifty Plus Fab women are in love with love. We love our spouses (or significant others), children, grandkids, and friends. Many of us have aging parents to look after…and love dearly.

During this decade, many of our children enter careers or marriage and become parents. We delight in the opportunity to be grandmas as much as we wonder where time has gone.

We also learn to shift our love relationships as kids leave the home and we find ourselves with more time alone with our spouses. The ride is an exciting one!


Sounds Fun!

Website Mission

Our mission is to help 50+fab women stay confident, fit, and fabulous.

Fifty Plus Fab is about helping women 50 and older feel great about themselves. Instead of dreading turning fifty, embrace it!

Our writers are women who are walking through this journey with you. We will feature content that’s relevant to you.

Some topics we share are:

  • relationships/marriage
  • travel destinations
  • beauty and skin care over 50
  • fashion tips for women over 50
  • home decorating
  • finances/retirement
  • career and second careers

Stay in the know on how to stay Fifty + Fab. We’re glad you’re here!